(To keep) theorizing affects and emotions in educational research from feminist approaches

Silvia De Riba Mayoral


During the last decades, the discussion about the concepts affect and emotion has been introduced in research in a transdisciplinary way affecting educational research. The objective of this article is examining this discussion from feminist approaches and collecting the research experience Towards an affective pedagogy of movement. This research used an Arts Based Research methodology from a Feminist New Materialist perspective. In it, 3 groups of students of Tariqa Center and Drassanes School of Barcelona generated visual devices. The research results underline the need of accounting the ontological distinction between emotion and affect. While affects enable examining the processes of the learning experience, emotion can limit sensations to cultural meanings. The article claims to continue problematizing the debate about the concepts of affect and emotion and concludes underlining that more efforts should be made to enhance the potential of the affective turn in educational research, making possible to rethink onto-episte-methodologies.


Affect; Emotion; Educational Research; Arts Based Research; Feminism

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/fem.2020.35.12

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