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Posted: 2020-05-05

Forthcoming issues: Feminismo/s No. 35 (June 2020)


The next Feminismo/s issue, No. 35, (June 2020) includes a monograph series coordinated by Angela O'Hagan (Glasgow Caledonian University) entitled “A critical practice of thinking otherwise: Bacchi, Gender and Public Policy Analysis”.

Posted: 2020-03-06

Published number 34

Estado actual de la investigación en Literatura francesa y Género: balance y nuevas perspectivas / État présent de la recherche en Littérature française et Genre: bilan et nouvelles perspectives  
Posted: 2019-12-23

Published number 33

Diálogos entre la democracia participativa y la interseccionalidad. Construyendo marcos para la justicia social  
Posted: 2019-06-20

Published Volume 32

MAS-MES: Mujeres, Arquitectura y Sostenibilidad - Medioambiental, Económica y Social.  
Posted: 2018-12-20

Published Volume 31

Posted: 2018-07-06

Publicado número 30

Se ha publicado el número 30: Dramaturgia femenina actual. De 1986 a 2016.  
Posted: 2018-06-19 More...

New sections

From issue No. 30 corresponding to December 2017, Feminismo/s issues will include a monographic series -coordinated by a researcher, a miscellaneous section and a review section.  
Posted: 2017-06-28

: Feminismo/s nº 30


Title: Contemporary female dramatists: 1986-2016.


The drama discourses that occur simultaneously in a period correspond to the ideological differences that emanate from the life of a country and therefore include the writing of women. What makes drama discourse written by women since the end of the last century to the present day different? To what extent does it follow the male canon and when is this male canon undermined or changed? This monograph attempts to offer solid answers to these and many other questions.

Emancipation of the theatre of the literary realm diversifies the research focus among the many varied elements involved in the stage; This is why why this issue of Feminism/s is aimed at assisting theatre in this sense. The authors' dramatic texts will constitute one of the main axes of this issue, an yet without pushing into the background aspects as drama performed by women and the double and even triple dimensions of many of them as writers and actresses, and writers, directors and producers. It is not unusual for all these tasks to be overlapped on the same theatre woman.

Posted: 2017-01-22 More...

: Feminismo/s, nº 29


Title: Women (in)visibility in Higher Education: challenges and defiances in Academia.

Posted: 2016-06-29 More...

: Feminismo/s, nº 28

Posted: 2016-05-13 More...

: Feminismo/s, nº 27

Title: Communication and gender relations: practices, structures, discourses and consumption.  
Posted: 2016-05-13 More...
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