Forthcoming issues: Feminismo/s No. 36 (December 2020)


The next Feminismo/s issue, No. 36, (December 2020) includes a monographic dossier coordinated by Sara Prieto and Raquel García-Cuevas, entitled "Departures and Arrivals: Women, Mobility and Travel Writing".

Posted: 2020-07-17

Online submissions are available.

Online submissions are available. Please, see Online Submissions and Author Guidelines.  
Posted: 2020-07-10

Published number 35


A critical practice of thinking otherwise: Bacchi, Gender and Public Policy Analysis

Posted: 2020-07-07

New sections

From issue No. 30 corresponding to December 2017, Feminismo/s issues will include a monographic series -coordinated by a researcher, a miscellaneous section and a review section.  
Posted: 2017-06-28
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