Another set of tools: matrix of domination and symbolic resistance

M. Vanesa Ripio Rodríguez


The objective of this inquiry is to insist and illustrate with examples the need of risking and rework as far as possible, within a situated context, a set of conceptual tools. These tools should make possible to set out again certain theoretical and practical questions on an experimental basis. These experiments seek to develop a creative and symbolic resistance in all fields. Creating a brief genealogy of Patricia Hill Collins’ concept of matrix of domination, it summary examines the way in which Ludwig Wittgenstein, Pierre Bourdieu, Virginia Woolf and Collins herself prepare their set of speculative instruments. With this analysis, we hope to find certain common elements that help to create new tools of investigation. Those tools should recognize and dismantle the dominant worldview in order to cause deep changes in our reality.


Experimento; Matrix of domination; Game; Resistance; Experiment


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