Analysis of Greenpeace communication from an ecofeminist perspective

Berta Gómez-Santo Tomás, Pilar Medina-Bravo


The main aim of this research is to analyze the relation between feminism and ecology. To do that, we present TIGE, a Table of Indicators of the Degree of Ecofeminism, from the ecofeminist theory of Alicia Puleo (Ecofeminismo para otro mundo posible; «El ecofeminismo y sus compañeros») and we apply it to 58 texts of Greenpeace as a case study. The analysis shows in which aspects Greenpeace approaches the ecofeminist postulates and in which it remains further away. Based on the data, we reflect on how ecofeminist theory can help environmental organizations participate in the long task of equality between women and men in the framework of sustainability efforts.


Patriarcado; Ecofeminism; Environmental organizations; Feminism; Patriarchy


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