Women in the Black Mountain College. An exploration of their role in the university community (1933-1957)

Ana Gilsanz Díaz, Manuel Blanco Lage


In 1933, Black Mountain College was established as an educational community, based on a liberal art program with a transforming aim, where the artistic and creative experience was the center of the learning process. An innovative educational project set up in North Carolina that became well-known for the different professionals of various fields that joined this college until it closed in 1957. A mythologized environment has been created around this college, where the leaders were the faculty and students involved, in a legacy that has placed in a secondary role women faculty and female students. This text has its origin in a personal research that has delved into the archives and tries to review the role of women in the fields of design and architecture. Women that collaborated actively and were committed in the sustainability of the educational program.


Women; Collaboration; Role; Teaching; Black Mountain College


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/fem.2018.32.02

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