“The Rocks Began to Speak to Me”: a literary application of ecofeminist philosophy

Carmen Flys Junquera


This article is based on ecofeminist thought, particularly that of Val Plumwood and Karen Warren and the importance of an ethics of care, a «loving eye» and dialogical relationships with the more-than-human. Stemming from critical ideas such as Bahktin’s multivocalism and Randy Malamud’s empathetic imagination, the article analyzes the literary strategies of several authors, among them Linda Hogan, Ann Pancake, Starhawk and Juan Cobos Wilkins to show how these texts can illustrate to the reader a different way of relating to the environment. This dialogical relationship could suggest a change of our cultural paradigms that would contribute to a more just and sustainable attitude.


Ecofeminism; Plumwood, Val; Warren, Karren; Ethics of care; Dialogism; Empathetic imagination; ; Hogan, Linda; Pancake, Ann; Starhawk; Cobos, Juan


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