American woman and leisure in the 1920s

Isabel María García Conesa, Antonio Daniel Juan Rubio


Traditionally, the role of women in society was reduced to the family care-taking with little or no real voice outside this sphere. Theirs was supposed and expected to take the role of bringing up children, to keep up the home, or to look after their usually bread-winner husbands. Nonetheless, a thorough examination of life in the 1920s will provide a degree of perspective on how women could handle and manage the social advances of the times. We shall provide a clear focus on the efforts of such a group of women to get their proper role in society. Henceforth, what we should try to conceal throughout this paper is the continuous struggle of women in the United States in the 1920s and the ongoing proceedings they had to take over. By merely skimming out this article, the reader should gain an accurate and concise notion of what these women had to go through at those hazard times in the United States.


The new woman; Flapper rebellion; Social rebellion; Spare time


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