Exploring feminist praxis in Spain: new technologies and new relation spaces from cyberfeminism

Sonia Núñez Puente


In recent decades, Spanish feminist praxis has diversified its theoretical assumptions and objectives, proposing the use of new virtual communities in perspectives which approximate praxis to cyberfeminism as well as to technofeminism. The aim of this article is to consider and explore in depth the construction and use of new social spaces in Spanish feminist praxis. We will attempt to analyze the theoretical proposals put forth by two of the founders of the most important web portals of recent decades in Spain. We refer to E-leusis, founded by María Angustias Bertomeu, and Mujeres en Red (Women Online), founded by Montserrat Boix. Spanish feminist praxis has advanced from a position closer to that of the essentialist utopia defended by Bertomeu toward a sort of technofeminism, which Montserrat Boix has transformed into what she has termed «social cyberfeminism».


Virtual communities; Female agency; New technologies; Cyberfeminist praxis


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