Voices concealed, voices heeded: gender and violence, a pairing in need of further study

Guillermina Díaz Pérez, Natalia Ix-chel Vázquez González


In Mexico, little attention has been paid to domestic violence as far as academic study is concerned, and therefore the forms it takes among the different social groups and its impact in other spheres of behaviour are virtually unknown. Certainly, violence against women in the domestic sphere has social dimensions and occupies an important place in the indices of female morbidity and mortality. As violence towards women becomes more visible, so the construction of a culture for peace will be generally supported. This paper seeks to illustrate (with a case study of a viability diagnosis concerning a shelter for female victims of male violence) the importance that the visibility of violence towards women has in the construction of social policies.


Violence; Manifestations of violence; Domestic violence; Empowerment

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/fem.2007.9.10

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