A challenge to travel literature and stereotypes by two Turkish women: Zeyneb Hanoum and Selma Ekrem

Ozlem Ezer


This article will introduce the travel accounts by two Turkish women written in English in the early 20th century from a feminist and critical perspective and deconstruct the Turkish women’s image of the West. The theories and illustrations of image and identity formation as well as the most recent alternative criticism to orientalist discourse will also be presented. Women travellers whose roots are originated in the western or eastern cultures are more willing to deconstruct images, stereotypes and prejudices than male travellers. Existence of a distinctive and supportive language among women travellers becomes evident despite of some complexities and contradictions in the texts of these travel accounts may have.


Women travellers; Travel literature; Turkish women; Images

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/fem.2004.4.04

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