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No 28: World, Devil and Flesh. The process of secularization, feminization of religion and catholic sociability in the diocese of Tarragona (1932) Abstract   PDF (107,89 kB) (Español)
Montserrat Duch Plana
No 4: Writing without the «Protection of Angels»: notes from the Middle Voice Abstract   PDF (890,7 kB)
Violet A. Dutcher
No 14: Young people in virtual social networks: an exploratory analysis of gender differences Abstract   PDF (1,58 MB) (Español)
Eva Espinar Ruiz, María José González Río
No 4: Your history, my narrative: uncovering me through you Abstract   PDF (890,64 kB)
Nawar Al-Hassan Golley
No 33: «Behind what they want us to be, is what we are». Sexual revolution and feminist sexual politics in the seventies and the eighties. An approximation of the Basque case Abstract   PDF (147,68 kB) (Español)
David Beorlegui Zarranz
No 16: «Daughters of Isabella I of Castile»: discourse, representations and symbols of women and the feminine in Spanish interwar fascist political period Abstract   PDF (2,34 MB) (Español)
Teresa María Ortega López
No 20: «De Sant Hilari a Arbúcies, dotze cases tretze bruixes»: the chase of witches in modern Catalonia Abstract   PDF (105,29 kB) (Español)
Marta Blanco Fernández
No 28: «I am a Muslim in my own way». Religiousness, spirituality and secularism in young Muslim female students Abstract   PDF (96,48 kB) (Español)
María Jiménez-Delgado
No 7: Who writes «the-book-that-I-do-not-write» ? Appellate capacity in Cixous' early and late works Abstract   PDF (1,25 MB) (Français)
Cathérine Mavrikakis
No 5: «Public women, private stage?» : the debate on «separate spheres» in Victorian women’s «actress novels» Abstract   PDF (1,11 MB)
Corinne François Deneve
No 23: «We are equal to any other family… we believe in our true parenthood and the authenticity of our families». Adoptive families in the new family structure models Abstract   PDF (119,6 kB) (Español)
María José Rodríguez Jaume, María José González Río
No 18: «You have AIDS, who is going to want you around?»: intersections between HIV infection and intimate partner violence Abstract   PDF (1,39 MB) (Español)
Alberto Martín-Pérez Rodríguez
No 24: ‘Girls wanna have fun’?: The Comical free Verse in Dorothy Parker’s Poetry during the Roaring Twenties Abstract   PDF (116,24 kB) (Español)
Francisco José Cortés Vieco
No 23: ‘The family model is not the same anymore’: intercultural lesbian relationships in contemporary Spanish cinema Abstract   PDF (116,58 kB)
Fiona Noble
No 5: ‘The Inner Geography of Home’: the ecofeminist ethics of Daphne Marlatt’s Taken Abstract   PDF (1,11 MB)
Eva Darias Beautell
No 22: “Savage Beauty”: representations of women as animals in PETA’s campaigns and Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows Abstract   PDF (4,17 MB)
Diana Villanueva Romero
No 22: “The Rocks Began to Speak to Me”: a literary application of ecofeminist philosophy Abstract   PDF (2,7 MB) (Español)
Carmen Flys Junquera
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