Tell me what you listen to and i will tell you who you are. Representing women in 100 of the more popular reggaeton songs in 2018

Marie-France Merlyn


The purpose of this work is to analyze and characterize the role of women in the representations in the videos, lyrics, and the place of the women performers within the reggaeton rhythm. One hundred videos and lyrics of most popular songs in 2018 are analyzed; the detailed observation with registration is used for the analysis of the videos and for the lyrics the thematic analysis is used, which consists of 6 phases: familiarization with the data, generation of categories or initial codes, search of topics, review of topics, definition and denomination of topics and final report. The results show that women are sexualized, objectified, described through traditional and negative relational models, which makes reggaeton a space in which the model of the identity of enjoyment is transmitted.


Representaciones; Woman; Identity; Models; Representations


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